Fourth Phase of Webinar Series: The use of hydrogen

Hydrogen Webinar

02.03.2021 | Katrin Schröder

The use of hydrogen: next phase of webinar series coming up

As of next week, we will move on to the fourth phase of the hydrogen value chain: the use of hydrogen.

Wertschöpfungskette von Wasserstoff, 4. Phase der Nutzung von Wasserstoff ist hervorgehoben
Phase 4 of the hydrogen value chain: the use of hydrogen

As of next week, we will move on to the fourth phase of the hydrogen value chain: the use of hydrogen. Having already addressed the raw material for green hydrogen as well as aspects of production, transport and storage in the previous weeks, it’s now time to talk about specific ways of utilization.

What’s next in the webinar series?

Hydrogen can be deployed in a wide range of applications. In this section, experts from the field will show how green hydrogen can reduce green-house gas emissions from sectors like aviation or heavy duty traffic:


Research on green hydrogen in Tunisia – Status and prospects
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Abdelmajid Jemni; National Engineers School, University of Monastir, Tunisia

Hydrogen in the German strategy towards climate neutrality – Supply, demand, sector allocation and the regulatory and market environment (Insights from the German Hydrogen Council)
Dr. Felix Matthes; Member of the German Hydrogen Council, Öko-Institut, Berlin, Germany


Hydrogen use in ships
Dirk Lehmann; eCap Marine, Hamburg, Germany

Hydrogen use in aviation
Jens Gralfs; Airbus, Hamburg, Germany


Hydrogen for heavy duty vehicle applications
Philip Wagemann; Clean Logistics, Hamburg, Germany

Hydrogen for light duty vehicle applications
Georg Zembacher; Toyota Tsusho Nexty Electronics Europe, München, Germany

How to join the webinar

Via: YouTube Livestream – link will be shared after registration mail
Time: Wednesday 19:00 – 20:00 CET

To receive the dial-in data for the Zoom-Webinar send a mail with the subject line „Registration“ to: greenhydrogen(at)

The Webinar Series is part of a wider initiative to set up a joint Tunisian-German competence center and establish a new value chain based on renewable energies and green hydrogen. The organizers are the IUE, the Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU), the Tunisian National Agency for Energy Conservation (ANME), the Council for Engineering Sciences (CSI/OI), the Northern Institute of Technology Management (NIT) and the German Engineers Association (VDI).